What I want is for you to know me as a person so that you feel like you are doing business with a friend and not just another faceless company. I am building a life long business and hope to build relationships. Word and Mouth recommendations are the best type so I will make sure you have a top quality, personal and happy experience at my site. I will make sure you are 100 % happy and satisfied so that you want to return.

By knowing me as a person i hope this will help you to feel safe and understand that if you are not fully happy with any part of your experience that your items can be returned and your money will be refunded in full at no cost to you at all. Your return to my site is more important to me than any individual sale.

My name is Walter and I have been an avid collector of antiques for at least the last fifteen years. I come from a small but close family and have four wonderful children of my own. I have spent my life trying to be a good person and to help others and have consistently helped with charities and good causes. In my spare time I like to keep fit and train MMA, Mixed Martial Arts. As a family Business We are based in the historical mining valleys of South Wales in Great Britain.

These valleys are rich in history from the iron works in the early 1800s to the vast quantity of coal mines and farms, not to mention this is a beautiful setting and place to live. My tastes and knowledge has evolved from loving and collecting to now being able to offer a diverse choice of artifacts, most of which have taken fifteen years to source.

They range from decorative arts, to objects of virtue and fine jewelry. I have tried to create an online gallery displaying exquisite antiques and works of art from all corners of the world. We are an online company which means we do not have the overheads of a shop which allows me to be more competitive. we will also consider offers if you feel we may have over priced an item to try and work with you, we are sourcing new items constantly.

If you are looking for something that is not on our site please feel free to ask or please call back again. we will have items for all pockets from fifty pound up in to the thousands, from 18th century drinking glasses, paintings, gold and silver of quality design. I also have a bargain store on eBay where I offer the cheaper more collectable items for sale.