Arbatel Antiques

I have been buying and collecting 18th Century English porcelain since 2005. Taking this passion further by going into business seemed the logical next step so I set up Arbatel Antiques in 2011.

Yes - thank you. I've been very lucky and privileged to meet some incredible dealers both here and abroad who have been both helpful and encouraging. As for finding interesting pieces - I think I can say that I have an ability for spotting good pieces amongst the many. I'm not afraid of getting my hands dirty and rummaging in boxes or travelling to remote auction houses because I've seen a photo online of a job lot of six plates and a wooden doll. It's not the plates or wooden doll I'm interested in, however, it's the small tea bowl that's out of focus at the edge of the photo that has grabbed my attention.

I also find pieces abroad in the U.S., Europe, South Africa and I've even started taking road trips to rather obscure villages in European countries.