Bracelets To Buckles Jewellery

Marcasite jewellery has long been collected. But along with all jewellery there are different qualities to be found. The better pieces are set in silver. Many earlier pieces orignate from Germany or France. Marcasites stones are iron pyrites and were used in jewellery way back to the Georgian era. You can find all types of designs which have used marcasite stones. From animals to flowers, Reptiles such as Lizards. People, carriages and much more. The more modern pieces of jewellery incorpotaing marcasites are only glued to the surface of the jewel. But the older pieces have a claw with metal on each stone to keep secure which would have taken much time and skill to finish an item of jewellery.

We love marcasite jewellery and realise the skill in the making of the older items. They altogether have more stones and shine. Obviously stones will be lost in these older pieces through time but most are so full of stones so it is difficult to notice one or two which are missing.