Clubhouse Interiors

Many words spring to mind when one thinks of antiques. Here at The Clubhouse we think nostalgia, individuality, style, culture, curiosity, intrigue. The antiques we have the at The Clubhouse appeal to so many people for different reasons, but these reasons are more often than not, emotional - feelings conjured up by seeing a beautiful, unusual or inspiring piece, reminiscent of a time gone by. Whether you are looking to decorate a home, a shop, hotel lobby or office reception, all the pieces at The Clubhouse will create an atmosphere, which is personal to you or your business. To have such interesting pieces is sure to spark a conversation. We would love you to come and see The Clubhouse Collection and be inspired. You are able to browse at your own pace, and for convenience we have also set some rooms up with complimenting items to give you vision and to find the pieces you didn't know you wanted. We look forward to seeing you at The Clubhouse.