Coppelia Antiques
We provide a first class antique clock repair and restoration services in Cheshire. All antique clock repairs are carried out in-house by our own specialist team of highly qualified employees. We undertake antique clock and furniture repairs throughout Cheshire and surrounding areas. We have even had clients ship their antique clocks and pieces of furniture to us here at Coppelia from Europe and faraway places like the USA.

It is important that both antique clock and furniture repairs are carried out as sympathetically as possible, we aim to preserve the originality of the clock or furniture patina. Repairs to all aspects of the cabinets are carried out using wood of the same age and colour and so matching the piece as close as possible. We believe we are one of the best antique clock restorers anywhere in the UK. We are antique clock dealers, but we also stock a wide range of antique furniture. Having everything in-house means that we do not need to send repairs out to third parties.