Dartington Antiques

Having visited the restoration workshops many times and had a number of items of furniture restored by Simon Gilboy's team of restorers, the retired naval commander arrived one day at the antique restoration workshop with a receipt from a well known auction house, it amounted to many thousands of pounds worth of antiques. I have bought these antiques for you. I want you to set up your own showroom.!

Since 2008 Dartington Antiques have been fortunate to be endorsed by the BBC. Having our furniture featured on the TV Series 'Antiques Master' and appearing as the VIP feature in this years Christmas edition of BBC Homes & Antiques Magazine. Simon Gilboy and Nick Thomson have were also invited to talk and discuss antiques on live BBC radio show with the presenter Amy Coles.

Simon Gilboy was apprenticed by the Dartington Trust in the mid 1980's and established his restoration business Gilboys Limited with the help of The Princes Trust.