Derek & Tina Rayment

50 years ago I decided to hang-up my professional cricket bat. To be honest I wasn’t good enough, and after a brief dalliance with ballroom dancing (my elder brother ran a dancing school with his wife) I decided to redirect my energy into what became a life-long passion for restoring and repairing antique barometers and other such instruments.

I began learning my trade when I joined a small family business in Clerkenwell, London – which manufactured new instruments. However I immediately was drawn into the world of antiquity when old broken barometers were brought in for restoration and after a short while, in 1972, I decided to start my own concern.

Now after many years together with my lovely wife Tina, we’ve had over 15,000 items pass through our workshops which we have either restored, repaired or sold.

We’ve had the enormous privilege of being entrusted with the most valuable and rare barometers, some as early as the 17th century, to restore for future generations. We are the leading antique barometer specialists in the UK, with over 50 years of experience and expertise in the business.

We have a wonderfully diverse range of unique barometers for sale, provide a first-class repair service and can restore any barometer to its former glory using the same hand-crafted traditional techniques that they were originally made by.

Our clients are based all over the world, so we can organise collection and re-delivery with the utmost care and attention to detail. So if you are looking for a beautifully timeless gift for a loved one, would like us to source something specific or have a barometer that is in need of a little care and attention – please get in touch.