Gasson H G

Herbert Gordon Gasson Antiques are based in the historic town of Rye. Rye is one of the famous 'Cinque Ports' and renowned for its antique shops as well as its antique buildings and streets. There are many antique shops in Rye and of course England is famous for antiques. The Sussex Countryside in England is probably one of the most focussed antique areas. East Sussex in England is particularly well known for having an enormous number of old or early English antiques. Oak antiques, Mahogany antiques as well as Teak. Englands proximity to France means that over the years A large collection of French furniture as well as English furniture has made its way into the antique shops in Rye. Gassons likes to specialise in early English Oak and Mahogany furniture. It is true that Gassons also usually have some nice early French antiques and furniture too!

Herbert Gordon Gasson Antiques Rye are one of the oldest antiques shops in Rye established since 1909.