Squires Antiques

In 1972 Ann Squires decided to become an antiques dealer. Armed with the kitchen table, £10 of bric-a-brac and her Renault 4 she set up a stall in Faversham, next to the Town Pump. The venture proved to be a great success, and over the next four years grew in popularity. Having stalled out at various antiques fairs, she gained a place in a shared shop in Canterbury and then returned to Faversham in what is now known as la Roche restaurant. When the short lease expired she decided that a permanent base was required and the search was on.

In 1986 the present site became available in a restored Elizabethan building, in the centre of town. In the early days only one floor was in use, but now both large floors are open, and crammed with a large selection of furniture, glass, china jewellery and old collectables. Her son, Conon, has joined the business, and runs the workshop where all furniture is cleaned, checked and restored before being offered for sale.