William Walter

William Walter our founder had gained his experience of silver by working for prestigious silver retailers when he left the army after the First World War. After acquiring the necessary experience, He then opened his own antique silver company in the 1930s with a showroom in King Street in the West End of London close to Christies, the famous auction house.

During the Second World War the showroom suffered wartime bombing and he was forced to close the business and store his valuable silver stocks in the safe deposit in Chancery Lane. He then worked for the Inland Revenue valuation department on war damage valuations. At the end of the war he was keen to re-establish his own business and decided that the safe deposit premises would make very suitable and secure showrooms.

William Walter was, in fact one of the first silver dealers to set up showrooms in what is now known as the London Silver Vaults, which has become the centre of the antique silver trade.