I have a set of the following Palissy Game series. 6 long plates (30cm long) 6 Circular plates (25cm diameter) 8 side plates (18cm diameter) 6 bowls (16cm diameter) And a gravy jug and saucer (20cm long) I also have 8 'Jersey K&COB Late Mayers' plates/shallow bowls (just under 20cm in diameter). Also a number of items in a set 'Pheasant' Made in Arklow, Republic of Ireland. 6 teacup and saucer, (I saucer with slight damage) 6 small plates 6 tumbler glasses 10 shot glasses. Also 6 bowls A 'Marie' Beswick, England (16cm diameter) - hairline visible marks. Also a larg bowl A 'Marie' (23cm diameter)

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08 Jun, 2024
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