You have some treasurable items at home or at least you think they are treasures. And you are most probably wondering about their value. Of course, the first place you would think of is visiting an antique appraisal. However, such services can be pretty expensive and you most probably don’t want to pay for a full appraisal service. But then again, you would like an idea of the worth of these items.

It all seems like a situation that cannot be solved, however, the truth is that you can take advantage of an informal antique appraisal in your local antiques’ expert shop or office. So whenever your main goal is to find out how much your items worth this is a great way to save up some money and find out the truth through an informal but then again still professional evaluation. However, if your plans are more serious and you are looking for an official purpose, make sure to pay for the official service as this verbal valuation is most probably not going to help a lot.

So here is how to satisfy your curiosity and get a free, local appraisal service by a reliable antique expert.

Your local auction house most probably organises free appraisal days and you can totally benefit from attending one. Hosting a free appraisal day is a great way for the auction house to find some amazing treasures and also an amazing way for you to get a free appraisal without paying the high fees for service. The best part is that auction houses work with reliable antique experts and you will be able to get a professional valuation of your items. What you will get as a service at such place and in such day is that your items will be evaluated and you will be offered an auction-value estimate which is the price of an item if it is offered through an auction. Typically, such events have a limit on the number of items you can have estimated.

Antique shows

Go to a major antique show in your area. Antique shows are yet another great way to have your items inspected and evaluated for free. Annual antique shows are often held in big cities so if you live in a big city your chances of finding and visiting one is higher. Many of these shows hire reliable antique experts for a professional appraisal for ticket-holding visitors of the show. Usually, you will have to pay for a ticket to be able to be a guest of the show and benefit from the free appraisal service but the ticket prices are usually not that high and definitely less expensive than an antique appraisal service. Once again, there is most probably going to be a limited to the number of items you can have evaluated and apprised so make sure to call the auction show before visiting and discuss these details.

Appraisal Shows

You can alternatively attend a visiting appraisal show. There are a couple of TV shows that provide you with the opportunity to have your antiques evaluated. These shows travel the country and your location may be part of these tours so make sure to check out the TV shows’ websites for more information or you can even call and ask for their schedule.

Ask around in antique shops

Many antiques stores and facilities offer a free verbal appraisal of an item for free. Antique experts do so because they are able to track down some valuable and interesting items and they hope that you will sell your pieces through them. Despite the fact that this is a good way to find out the value of your items, be prepared for some more insistent antique shop owners. However, if you feel too pressured to sell and you don’t feel comfortable, you can always say no. In addition, you need to be cautious because the appraiser should not offer to sell the item for you since this is not a part of their ethics code. However, if you want to sell the item quickly and easily without any hassle, this is a good opportunity despite the fact that the price you will be offered will not be the highest price possible.

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