In 1905 a George William Smith commenced trading as a harness maker and saddler until his demise in 1938, when his daughters - the Misses Annie & Edith Smith - commenced trading as milliners and drapers until their demise in 1955.

Our adjoining premises - 9 & 10 West Street have a somewhat longer history, being built as two cottages in the 16th century. They remained as such until the late 18th century when the cottages were converted into an inn called The Rose & Crown and were used as such until the end of this century. There is reference in local history records to the inn being used as a lodging house in mid-Victorian times. A Census of 1856 indicates some 25 lodgers in residence. The buildings contain a wealth of 15th century oak beams, some of which were most probably ships' timbers salvaged from sailing ships at that time. Apart from the alterations to the front elevation windows, the structure of the building remains effectively unchanged.