The Lady Antique Dealer
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Nottingham Architectural Antiques & Reclaimation
We are a Reclamation Yard based in Nottingham Specialising in Buying & Selling Exclusive Architectural Pieces of the Past For the Home & Garden. Open 7 Days a Week. We have a good and varied Selection
Collectors World
Any questions? - get in touch by email (see contact us above), or visit our shop Tuesday to Saturday 10 am to 4pm, or ring us. A selection of customers comments are shown below - we are proud of our
Tarzans Classics
Specialists in Classic Cars, Old School BMX & Vintage Bikes, Retro Furniture, and a selection of Antiques from the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s. We believe that they just don't make them like they used to.
Temperley Collectables
Temperley Collectables specialise in antique and vintage sterling silver, ceramics and glass. Our reptation is of utmost importance to us and everything that is placed on our inventory has been
Robin Hood Stamp
Robin Hood Stamp Company buys large accumulations of stamps and breaks them down in to suitable items. Prices typically range from £5 to several hundred pounds. Each item offered is given a
Jubilee Antiques Centre
Jubilee Antique Centre is a new family run business based in Nottingham which caters for all tastes in the antique, retro and collectables market. We are very friendly and approachable and would love
Antiques Avenue
A beautiful collection of about 2000 pieces of vintage jewellery bringing to you the romance and glamour of the past. AntiquesAvenue specialises in originals from the Victorian era, Edwardian and Art

You have an old item to sell, you need some extra cash and you are wondering what to do in order to get some good money. Instead of listing your item online and waiting for a client to pop up, why don’t you sell to an antique dealer in Nottingham instead? Whether it is an independent antique dealer in Nottingham or an antique mall, there are many options you have to sell your item quickly and get some good cash. However, you are maybe wondering how you can find the right antique dealer in Nottingham and how to make sure you are getting the best deal for your item. Selling to a local antique dealer in Nottingham saves you extra money from paying the fees you will be charged when selling online or the whole stress of collecting credit card payments from buyers and selling the item. Selling to an antique dealer in Nottingham instead is significantly easier and simpler. So here are some tips and tricks for how to sell old items to an antique dealer in Nottingham and what to expect.

Research an Antique Dealer in Nottingham First

Of course, everything starts with good research and finding an antique dealer in Nottingham does not make any exception. In addition, when selling to an antique dealer in Nottingham, don’t expect them to do all the hard work for you and tell you all the in-depth information about the items you are selling and their value. Instead, before you visit an antique dealer in Nottingham, research and try to find more information about the items you are wanting to sell so you can have a better idea of what price to expect. An antique dealer in Nottingham most probably won’t be willing to give you an evaluation for free, and rightly so.

Selling to an Antique Dealer in Nottingham – Expect a Quarter or a Half off the Retail Price

When selling items to an antique dealer in Nottingham it is very important to have a realistic idea of the money you will be able to get. After you do the important price-research and before you visit the antique dealer in Nottingham, have a good idea of what price you can get and be prepared to be offered a price usually a quarter to fifty percent off the original or retail price of the items. Don’t be surprised, this is usually how every antique dealer in Nottingham will work. Every antique dealer in Nottingham has overhead expenses, even when selling online. With an antique dealer in Nottingham, you can benefit from quick cash and this is the biggest advantage of this kind of deal.

Be Prepared to State Your Price to an Antique Dealer in Nottingham

When speaking to an antique dealer in Nottingham, you should be prepared to share your asking price during the initial talk. It may seem like a bit of a stressful experience, but it is really not and it’s the common practice, so don’t be afraid to state your price to the antique dealer in Nottingham as it will be the starting point of the whole negotiation process.